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Santiago actually has one of the most straight forward metro systems ive ever used. Metro lines have a slight difference in opening hours depending on the line. Many of local people have a good command of german and english languages however to show respect towards local culture tourists are advised to learn several phrases in spanish. Santiago metro line 5 is one of the six lines that currently make up the santiago metro network in santiago, chile. Usage of circular line pattern is the main principle of the maps design. Highresolution map of santiago subway for free download and print. Rotterdam metro guide and subway route planner apps on. Santiago subway map, santiago metro scheme, santiago underground map. And not just big on the scale of the city, namely the worldwide, because chile was another country where there is underground with a length of 100 kilometers. Santiago metro map with information about its route lines, timings, tickets, fares, stations and official websites.

The actual dimensions of the santiago map are 4295 x 4268 pixels, file size in bytes 1766703. The actual dimensions of the santiago map are 941 x 998 pixels, file size in bytes 278. Franz everardo passos proglhof junior created date. Serving mainly the santiago province and part of the cordillera province, it currently consists of seven lines numbered 16 and 4a, 6 stations, and 140 kilometres 87. The santiago metro is a rapid transit system serving the city of santiago, chile. Detailed hires maps of santiago for download or print.

It was expanded last year 2011, currently 108 tube stations along 103 km 64 miles, which is to have on average each station 953,7 meters 1043 yards. Madrid metro has prepared a map featuring the stations you need for the citys top sites pdf 1. No wifi and still want to find your way around the city. Depending on the time of day, the metro can pass every 4 to 15 minutes. Shows bus routes and metro routes in santiago, chile. There are five lines and 108 stops to allow you to travel between all areas in santiagos centre.

Santiago subway map, santiago metro scheme, santiago. Downloadable pdf maps of santiago and valparaiso, chile. Detailed and highresolution maps of santiago, chile for free download. Porto metro lines, map, operating hours and tickets. Madrid metro tourist map pdf official tourism website. This is the second largest metro system in latin america next to the mexico city metro. If you are planning on going by metro between 79am or 68pm, you may have to wait for a few trains to pass because of the dense conditions. The santiago metro began operation in september 1975. If you purchase the porto card or the andante tour card, youll have unlimited access to the citys metro system. Travel guide to all touristic sites, museums and architecture of santiago. The santiago metro is very clean, efficient, and packed like sardines during rush hours. Mapa araucania, folletoandinolacustre, folletoaraucaniacostera.

This file is licensed under the creative commons attributionshare alike 4. This map can be saved in your phone and its easy to share with friends. Accurate and uptodate subway maps quick and convenient route planer with travel time and distance information exact trip cost calculator find the nearest subway station to you using the augmented reality function. The complete system is highly sophisticated and is built using the latest technology. Travel guide to touristic destinations, museums and architecture in santiago. Large santiago maps for free download and print high. It is one of the largest metro network in the world, being the second largest among the latin american countries. Porto metro opens every day at 6 am and the last train departs at 1 am. The good thing is that trains run very often so wait times are minimal. This is a simplified map that shows the stations on both the red line, green line, and route 2020.

The rotterdam metro guide and subway route planner is the quick and easy way to navigate your way into and around the city using the subway service. Santiago subway map for download metro in santiago. Santiago metro is working on a very difficultschedule. It also shows the transport zones that the stations lie in. Not long ago, the santiago metro network was chosen as the best underground metro network in americas. The most modern subway system in latin america, its also the second largest after mexico city. If you depict the metro lines and on a geographic map of the city, you will see a closed loop that does not represent a perfect circle. Check flight prices and hotel availability for your visit. The resort city of santiago is annually visited by many tourists thus local folks have got used to plenty of foreigners in the streets. Third largest system in latin america consists of 7 lines and a total of 6 stations. Oddly enough, but in south america there are many cities where there are large metros. But, on the associative level, this loop is easier to remember in the form of a circle. Explore the city in an ecofriendly way and stay fit at the same.

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